Advocate for helping the increase the number of Syrian refugee girls to access secondary level formal schools in Ankara and two camps in Gaziantep;

Advocate and raise the awareness of parents , girls and all related stakeholders on the importance of increased refugee girls secondary school enrollment, retention and success rates. The project will provide first ever first-hand information on education issues of Syrian refugee girls. At the end of the project, based on our experience, we will develop policy paper and present it to the Ministry of education. This may have an impact on the broader education system. A public version of the policy paper will also be shared by a larger public, including other relevant public institutions, UN agencies like UNHCR, UNICEF, IOM and WFP as well as EU delegation and all relevant NGOs/INGOs, academics and media. A Conference on the findings and recommendations of the conference will be held at the end in Ankara, with the participation of all stakeholders.